What is the Special Bowl?
A dish of Special treats? A bowl of some sort? Something with Playa Bowls?
It’s none of the above!  It’s just special!

So what is it?
The Special Bowl is an annual event for our friends with special needs!  It was created by Laura and Jay Gibbons back in 2014.  Laura Gibbons (founder and PARTIOLOGIST of Showstoppers Plus- an event planning company) realized that there were not much events in NJ that were happening around the Super Bowl celebration. After discussion, Jay (her husband) came up with the idea of honoring the special needs community by hosting an event that brings fun, and entertainment to special needs individuals, their family and friends.  In hope, that the NFL could potentially support their efforts!

How they got started?
Laura & Jay started by planning for NFL’s Huddle Shuttle Super Bowl tour bus to attend their 1st event, but a more lucrative opportunity came into play and the bus backed out.  It didn’t stop the event! The event had a food truck, entertainment by comedian John Pizzi, an interactive photo booth, NJ’s best meatball contest, Magic 98.3FM (with their great radio host Bert Baron), games, and engaging HS students, playing a variety of games for the attendees.

Keeping the tradition going….
Every year, Laura dedicates her time to make this event a success by getting in contact with a celebrity guest speaker!  Eric Le Grand was there and this year, Laura and Jays’ vision is  to have Ellen DeGeneres be a spokesperson for this event to help promote and speak about its cause.  In hope, that more celebrities, and guest speakers can be a part of this special occasion.

What’s at the Special Bowl?
This 4 hour celebration includes music, games, interaction, such as cupcake decorating, performances, special needs talent show, and much more. The Special Bowl also gives away special treats for the parents of the special needs individual (such as night outs, massages), and other prizes for guests, gratitude, and more!!! This event has been carried on since 2014, and now the goal is to have it in all 50 states!

Did you know?
Laura and Jay are both members of some different community organizations such as the Knights of Columbus, Princeton Chamber of Commerce, and more which have agreed to be a part of this special occasion.

Laura, owner of Showstoppers Plus is also a member of the NJ Disc Jockey Network. She has this organization’s support and has connections with DJ’s in all 50 states to establish locations, laying out the format, reaching out to celebrities/famous speakers, and using resources to see who wants to be a part of this Special Bowl event.

How can I help?
Do you enjoy interacting with people of different backgrounds/abilities? Do you enjoy making a positive impact in your community by making an event fun & entertaining? Do you or someone you know has special needs and may want to be a part of this event? If the answer is YES to any of these questions, then contact us! Laura@showstoppersplus.com or call Showstoppers Plus 732-297-0031

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