Mar 172017

Must Have Communion Parties

When asking a 2nd grader what does the communion wafer, you know, the body of Christ, taste like, we always seem to get the same answer.  Cardboard. That’s why 2nd graders don’t plan parties.  So what do we do to make a communion party an outstanding affair?  Hire someone who knows what to do.  We at Showstoppers Plus, , have created thousands of magical Communion parties and fall into that category. Whether a house or hall we do it all.  From beginning to end we add the right ingredients to make it just right. Traditions and ethnic customs play a…

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Feb 142017

Opinions matter or don’t matter?

What's your opinion?  After recently watching the Grammy Awards or any award show for that matter, the red carpet becomes the be all end all. Really?  It's nice to see all the fancy garb, the bling and the statements being portrayed by the public, the media and the artists.  Are we more centered with what people have to say? Or are we more about what works for us?  So with anything, do people's opinions really matter? Does yours? I think what you wear, how you do your hair is what makes you HAPPY and that's what counts!  So when it comes…

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