When asking a 2nd grader what does the communion wafer, you know, the body of Christ, taste like, we always seem to get the same answer.  Cardboard. That’s why 2nd graders don’t plan parties. 

So what do we do to make a communion party an outstanding affair?  Hire someone who knows what to do.  We at Showstoppers Plus, , have created thousands of magical Communion parties and fall into that category. Whether a house or hall we do it all.  From beginning to end we add the right ingredients to make it just right. Traditions and ethnic customs play a big role in this event. It certainly comes into play with food. In our 25 years of experience, Italians, MUST have pasta, Italian pastries, and cookies, while the Spanish MUST have a paella dish and a piñata. Irish MUST require some meat and potatoes, and Polish, we totally recommend that you MUST have pierogis. However, they are popular for any ethnic group.  Basically, there are certain MUSTS in all families. We MUST have certain things.  For me and my family, a MUST whas always been a butter crème cake from La Bonbonniere Bakery. (Not only communions, but birthdays and graduations too.) It MUST have chocolate and vanilla cake and custard filling with strawberries, it had to be a the house,  and a jumpy jump amusement of some kind ws always required.  That was always the MUST for my family.  Some people want custom cookies and we can get that too.  Want something different? Donut truck? What about a good humor ice cream truck?  How fun is that?  Some MUST have a candy table and everything MUST match.  Some MUST have entertainment like a twister, maybe a magician or some type of amusement.  If it is at a hall, we highly recommend and you MUST have a DJ ENTERTAINER, not just someone who plays music, but someone who MUST be interactive and play games with the children.  Kids love games and not every DJ plays games.  We have the ones who do!  Balloons, centerpieces, décor o my, we MUST have. What about a favor? I MUST have something different.  No worries, we have your back. We know restaurants, performers, we do outrageous décor, favors, cakes, and anything else you could ever imagine.  We know and provide your all your MUSTS.

One final MUST, you MUST …. Hire the right company who can provide the right stuff, so you can be worry free and enjoy your party. It’s an absolute MUST for an outstanding event!


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