So I am having a baby….
It’s so exciting. The truth is I feel like crap, and all I do is throw up!!!! Here is the game changer to make me feel so good. Everyone tells me I am glowing, Woowee, so what does that mean?

I have a glow necklace, with matching bracelet and earrings? NOT. The greatest thing you love about pregnancy is that you can eat what you want, and the hubster is so there to go and get you your every craving. The thrill of having a child is so wonderful, and the journey for all of us is different. Some of us feel nausea all the time, can’t wait till this is over, some are ecstatic and feel like this is the greatest. For the next several months life changes. You ask, am I really looking forward to getting fat, nothing fitting, and let’s face it not loving the mirror, however some do and are all into it. Lying naked seeing my body as beautiful? want to FB live the birth? It’s your call. It’s your birth. Whatever you do, do Lamaze, you will laugh your butt off if you embrace it. What’s your take on all this? Looking forward to oversized undies and no more thong? Going to the maternity store and picking out that 5 month wardrobe? Whatever your desire is, enjoy the journey, the ride, and all that goes with it.

The outcome is so worthwhile. A cute little bundle of joy that will lead to many joys, tears, expenses, and more. In the meantime, you are, Yep, so feeling the FUN of having a baby and have to do this great “Gender Reveal Celebration “ Why? Because EVERYONE needs to know what you are having. Do it right. Attached is a video of a FUN gender reveal with balloons. You can do cupcakes, do blue and pink everything, games, and more.

Save the reveal till the end. Highly recommend you find a Partyologist who can provide you with the right everything you need for your celebration. #Makeitfun #genderreveal #balloondecor #partyologist #showstoppersplus