As we approach the holiday season, this is a must have and is on everyone’s list.

It’s the gift, a thank you to clients/employees, a stocking stuffer, what do I bring item, the UPS driver, family gatherings, and most importantly it adds laughter. Highly Hysterical Trivia, FUN for all. Available in Paperback or Kindle Edition. To get your copy, simply click the proper link below.


  • This book is perfect for all young and old and just some fun useless trivia that is non-intimidating and totally reminiscing, so enjoy and Make it FUN!
  • You can also engage in this book by yourself as a quick read and just write in the answers in the book.  Hopefully, you just keep doing till you master the book.
  • It’s also good to leave in the bathroom, give as a gift, (baby boomers love this stuff).
  • It is great for a long car or plane rides too.

My favorite is to do it as a game. It is a lot of fun at parties, family gatherings, and events.

Have personalized trivia at your next event.  We can do about your company, a subject of your choice, or pick some from the book and let us do for you….great for restaurants on St. Patrick’s day, Easter, when people have to wait in long lines.

We also do this for promotions at businesses, venues, cocktail hours, and even food banks when people wait in line as a way to give back.