A Must this Thanksgiving....

thanksgiving book

A Must this Thanksgiving.....

With being the first Thanksgiving (not like the one with the Pilgrims) but since the Pandemic.  It will be a blast seeing family, indulging in the classics of Turkey, stuffing, pumpkin pie and more. Discussing the Macy’s parade, seeing who will or won’t beat the Dallas Cowboys, and what game to play?

Pull out the book Highly Hysterical Trivia.  Will certainly provide laughs and FUN. Ask everyone to use hand as buzzer and mouth to make a buzzer sound.  Then test everyone's buzzer at the table. Explain you can’t yell out the answers and you must use hand and make the sound otherwise someone can buzz in. There are 100 categories and answers are on next page. Great useless information that will make you laugh, have conversion, and bring you back.

So laugh, enjoy, and Make it FUN! 


Click HERE to Order Highly Hysterical Trivia!   Only $12.99


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