Easter FUN! Games for the Holiday Weekend!


Easter Fun! Great Activities/Games to do this Holiday weekend from Home! #makeitfun #stayhome #staysafe

1. Egg Hunt: 

Even if you don't celebrate, hide real (hard Boiled) or plastic eggs around yard and put money, candy, or something FUN in them.


2. Egg Coloring:  

Draw on paper or on driveway, an egg color using crayons, markers, watercolors, or chalk.


3. Egg rolling:   

Hard boil eggs, color, paint, and find a hill and see whose makes it to the bottom first. Or invent new rules. 


4. Egg on a spoon:  

Put an egg on a spoon and have a relay.


5.Egg not but balloon Toss:  


Have a partner and toss the water balloon and step back every time you toss.



6.Reverse Easter Egg Hunt:     

Have you ever heard of a reverse Easter egg hunt? Neither had I but I can pretty much guarantee my kids would love running all over a park or the backyard to find little bits of nature to fill their eggs. Making sure, of course, that all the things we talk about collecting are safe for them to gather and returning things once we're done. 


7.Bunny Hop-

 Do the dance, google it and then do it outside all around the house.


8.Leapfrog/bunny game:   

Leapfrog is always a fun family game. Pretending to be bunnies instead of frogs makes it perfect for Easter.


9.Easter Animals:  

Great for little toddlers can get in on the Easter. Have them pretend to be some of their favorite spring animals (chicks, bunnies, and ducklings come to mind) and they'll soon be peeping, hopping, waddling, and quacking their way along the road to developing physical literacy.



10.Easter Parade:  

Fill up eggs with treats to throw in your parade. Toddlers and preschoolers will love putting on their Easter bonnets making fancy signs, decorating their ride-on toys, and walking, marching, riding, and scooting down the street for a neighborhood Easter Parade. You can even drive to relatives houses and throw the eggs and beep the horn.


11.Easter Trivia:   Finish the line. 

  • In your Easter Bonnet with _____________.
  • What Rabbit came hopping down the bunny trail?
  • Who makes the chocolate candy cream eggs?
  • What are the colored marshmallow treats called?
  • What President liked Jellybeans? 
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