Effects of Covid-19 on the Party Industry...

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Covid-19 has caused a disruption in all of our lives. This virus has affected many businesses especially small businesses. I want to share how this has affected, Showstoppers Plus, The Partyology Firm. The first effect of Covid-19 was that there were no parties for an entire year! It’s hard to imagine this actually happened, however the repercussions are still occurring. Not only were there no parties, but there is a shortage of workers which means so many party supplies take longer for us to get. This is not only happening in the event industry but in most industries across the business world. Many household products are in short supply as there are not enough workers to produce the goods needed. 

Due to this Covid-19 shortage, we need to be patient with our essential workers and small business owners. Some supplies that are needed are just not available right now. This means we should not buy all the toilet paper in the entire store for our two-person household anymore and we need to be patient as it is hard for our businesses to keep up with demand. 

Everyone wants to have parties now while we can, but some party supplies take weeks to come in after ordering. This means we need to regroup and come up with a solution or compromise to allow your party to run smoothly. We at The Partyology Firm will help create your perfect party even if the supplies are not available. We will work with you and come up with the best plan for your party to look perfect and be executed perfectly. We just ask for patience and cooperation as we have no control of the Covid-19 delays and shortages. 

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