Events & FUN happening this Spring!


Girls Just Wanna have FUN!

Yes it’s a Cindi Lauper classic that most women know and that is what we want to have FUN no matter how old we get.  As we age, can’t take off the weight, this hurts that hurts, my knee needs replacing, when did I get these wrinkles?  Despite all that, Girl’s still Just Want to Have FUN! So that is what we are doing.  Girl’s Just Want to Have FUN Parties. 1- or 2-hour parties that include some fun classic games like Jacks, Hula Hooping, clackers and more. Then engage in some FUNNY trivia that totally cracks you up and played with buzzers and all. In addition to that we do some dancing to girly favorites like Hollaback Girl, Dancing Queen and more.

And for the guys, we’ve got your back too.  Man Cave parties for March Madness, We can include basketball trivia, cigar rolling, easy in the chair scavenger hunt, Fun and games, rent recliners, food and more.

Red Carpet Party for your favorite award show.  You can dress up and we provide a one hour mock award party as though you are there. Interviews, red carpet, award trivia, and more.

March Madness Scavenger FUN…With March having St. Patrick’s Day, March Madness, Spring, we put together a FUN list of activities to do as family, just the girls, 

St. Patrick’s Day- With the wearin’ of the green, this day everybody is Irish. Bagpipers, Décor & Corn Beef too are available.  Leprechauns and Unicorns are priceless, but Irish Trivia is a must.

Business Wow- Do you have clients you just want to say Thank you or perhaps a promotion you are doing? We have an irresistible offer-Buy 2 get 1 free. Get a great display or arrangement. 


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