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Happy Fall! Fall is my favorite time of year because there are so many FUN things to do and some of my favorite holidays. This year the holidays may look a little different, but I have some FUN outside ideas to make this Halloween the best one yet!

  1. Let’s start off easy for those who aren’t as good at arts and crafts. Buy a few big pumpkins from the store; I don’t think anyone will hoard them, also buy glow necklaces. Set the pumpkins up in the back yard and now you have a pumpkin ring toss.
  2. Pinatas are super FUN! Here is how to create mini pinatas: Remember hoarding all that toilet paper? Now let’s put those toilet paper rolls to good use. What you need- toilet paper rolls, streamers, googly eyes, tape (double sided is better), paper, twine, candy/ toys for the inside. Instructions: secure the streamer in place on the end of the toilet paper tube with tape. Put the toys and candy inside the tube from the open end (don’t fill it too much or it won’t work well). Cover the other end of the tube like you did the first end except add the string to pull secured on two ends so when it is pulled it will break the streamer. Cover the tube with streamers and add googly eyes and you’re done!
  3. Next you can set up a Halloween scavenger hunt. This is an easy outside activity that can be done social distanced and super fun for kids. All you need are big googly eyes. Hide them around the yard and whoever finds the most wins a price.
  4. Driveway bowling is always enjoyable. This can be done with two-liter soda bottles. To make it Halloween themed; paint the bottles white and then paint black eyes and a mouth on them to look like a ghost. Find a small ball or buy one if you don’t have one laying around and then aim for a strike!

Let us plan your outside Halloween party today. We have so many more FUN ideas for Halloween parties we would love to share with you to make your event one to remember. 

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