How's customer service?

customer service

Customer Service?

What is your take? On a scale from 1-10 how would you rate customer service these days?

Most people feel it is lower than 3, nobody talks. Everything is on a prompt.  Press 1 for blah..... 2 for blah blah. Most of the time, the prompt you want is not listed and the one you really want is just to TALK TO SOMEONE that can help you. That has now become a thing of the past, but should it be?  Personal touch is priceless.  We all love to be pampered.  A facial, a massage, a great waiter.  Why can’t we have that in business? Imagine if you were pampered when you called.

 T-Mobile can keep you on the circle runaround where you just keep telling your story and issue over and over again. What happens is they promises and an answer you think, but not true. Your blood pressure begins to skyrocket, cussing becomes inevitable and you become so frustrated with an overseas conversation because the end result has been several hours wasted on the phone. They are by far the worst at customer service. 

How about trying to get your money on a recall, discrepancy on a bill?  Again, wasted hours on the computer for a return! Who has spent numerous hours on the phone with Paypal for a charge, LG for reimbursement on a recall and companies that put you in the cycle dispute for a transaction? These companies: T-Mobile, LG, Paypal; they own the gamut and make it so hard to work with and they know they have you.  They don’t have your back.  I applaud companies like Nordstrom, Amazon, Bed Bath & Beyond, and mostly small businesses who actually care about their customers and are much easier to work with to help solve an issue.

That is what is great about Showstoppers Plus, the Partyology Firm, we are not Party City or Party Fair! We are  exceptional at what they do from planning, catering to providing party supplies.  We meet the needs of our clients and do things that typical party planners don't do.  We are more about, pampering, spending time on detail, knowing our customers, and what they need. We add that personal touch, which many small businesses can do. What would happen if T-Mobile planned your event? OUCH.  So if you want customer service and the perfect personal touch, don't forget to shop local and shop the place that makes you feel special. 


Showstoppers Plus, The Partyology Firm
411 E. 8th Street Ocean City NJ


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