Late Summer/Fall Outdoor Parties, Fall Crafts, and More.....

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Parties are finally happening and that makes our team of PARTYOLOGISTS are super excited at Showstoppers PLUS. But, there's many new challenges that come with these celebrations. These celebrations are happening outside which means the weather doesn't always cooperate. Sometimes, the weather forcasters are not always right about the weather.  Late summer and fall can be unpredictable at times. The Partyology Team would like to provide you with some helpful tips for your next outdoor party.

Here they are:
  • Rent a tent just in case
  • Rent fans/or heaters to keep your guests comfortable
  • Bug treat your yard or event space
  • Have a social distancing plan and set this in place
  • Don't forget to provide guests with the rules before the party so they are aware!
  • Offer hand sanitizers and cleaning products to keep hands and surfaces clean
  • Make sure your guests wear a mask when they have to go inside to use the restroom

Weddings aren't the only celebration happening this upcoming fall. Other celebrations like Halloween is coming soon (hopefully-fingers crossed). That means wearing masks will be easy for everyone this year! Halloween is also a time to be decorative and creative. Make your house look unique, spooky, but FUN for the neighborhood kids!

Here are some decorating ideas from the PARTYOLOGY Team @ Showstoppers PLUS:
  • Remember all that toilet paper we stocked up on this year? LOL. Well, you can use the left-over rolls to make spooky creatures in your bushes/trees. Just paint the rolls black and cut out  2 holes to make eyes (any shape). Insert a glow in the dark stick (inside the role) and tape inside. Tape some yarn or string to each side of the toilet paper roll to hang your SPOOKY creature. Very FUN CRAFT to make with the kids. LOOKS great at night!
  • Do you have a Green halloween candy bucket laying around from last Halloween? If so, use it. If not, you can buy one at the dollar store! Using white paint, paint the round part of the pumpkin bucket (even the black eyes part). Then, flip the bucket to show the bottom. This should still be green. You will then take black paint and make a circle in the middle. leaving some green left to be part of the pupil. Add, red paint to make veins on the white part of the bucket! The spooky eyes are complete & are ready to be put in your bushes! This is a great low cost DIY for you and the kids to do at home. ENJOY!
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