Map Out your 2023!


2022 We were doing wrapping aka rapping. This year 2023 we are advising Mapping. That ‘s
right MAP out 2023.

It’s January, there are resolutions, goals, and changes that we will strive
for. Google maps can’t provide the direction of what’s to happen, but the Partyology Firm can
map out your Formula for a perfect party.

Where are you on the map is the question?
Have you looked at the calendar? Do you know where you are headed? Most of us never take
the time to do this, but it is so important. Map out your year. Thanks to Jesse Itzler who
inspired this thought and sharing how important it is to get it on our calendars.

These are 10 ideas that you should do and make 2023 more of what matters.
1. Block off any dates you were sent Save the Date
2. Travel/Vacation put it on the calendar.
3. Major projects-Paint, redo deck, fix whatever is going to be done?
4. What events are you personally going to be celebrating? An engagement. Sweet 16, who is
graduating, Milestone Bday. Girls weekend, Baby on the Way, Office Anniversary, New House
5. Planning? what do you need? What’s the date, what do you want to do? What don’t you want
to do? What’s your plan.
6. Get a Partyologist, one who has actually done many aspects of parties, they are more
resourceful vs a party planner who really just knows of and not worked with.
7. Don’t DIY!!!! SOOO stressful. Who can make this easy for you?
8. Themes are popular, get a vision
9. If you plan anything give at least 3 months minimum for small events and 1 year for big
events as popular venues, entertainers, and services all book quickly.
10. The Partyology Firm has over 20 years’ experience and offers a free consultation to provide
the perfect formula your event. Be smart and hire one who knows how to make it happen.

Let us map out your events and let our team of Partiologists create the formula, map out your
event and make your 2023 a year to remember!

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