Mother's Day FUN 2023!


It’s right around the corner; Mother’s Day!  A tradition that began in 1909 and one we should acknowledge those who are our mother, stepmoms, grandmothers, aunt’s and those that played a mother figure in our lives.  THANK YOU for all you have done and didn’t do!!! It made us who we are.

Mom was there with late nights with a fever, the homemade birthday cakes, the never-ending laundry we gave you, the countless rides to practice, friends, movies, and the famous mom line “just wait till your father gets home” was a classic.  Kudos to you mom.  This Mother’s Day,  remember something funny about her like the outfits, haircuts, looking back at traditions, and if it wasn’t for her, you wouldn’t be here. Whether mom is here or not, this Mother’s Day we have a FREE card. Just scan the bar code below, answer some thoughts, and give it to Mom. It’s a card that just tells Moms what they truly like to hear. The card is priceless.  Another nice idea would be to give her gifts related to the answers on the card; either handmade or bought. I’m sure she’ll love it!  

If you like the card, you’ll LOVE our Father’s Day Hunt and enjoy a day he will never forget. You can do with your siblings anywhere, with or without dad, and as my friend told me it was the best day ever with dad. Just Do It

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