Partyologist FUN @ home Prescriptions- Week 1


Partyology Fun @ Home Prescriptions

Week 1

So we are all stuck at home with family (to stay healthy) and we're all having a little bit of CABIN FEVER! We're all trying to find some activities to make everyone happy & entertained!
Here are 10 FUN Prescriptions our Partyologist Team is prescribing this week. These games/activites will have your family feeling joy and laughter immediately (something we ALL need during these tough times)!


Blanket Monster
In the house, a family member is chosen
to be the "blanket monster".
This person will cover themselves with a blanket
and will have to find other family members
while their head is covered.
This can be better in the dark, but daylight
works for toddlers & young kids!



Scavenger Hunt

Grab a pillowcase and have 10 minutes to

find as many green items

(or another color) as possible.

Everyday do a different color. 

Then see who can put them away the fastest.


Word Association

Take a spoon and pretend it’s a microphone

and picture a subject.

(Ex-baseball teams) and go back

and forth and see how

many words you can come up with,

without drawing a blank. 

Then use the spoon and lip sync

or belt out some fun tunes

on music media with your family.


Old school games

Ball and Jacks or you can use

small items like buttons, if you don’t have

jacks, yo-yo, cat’s cradle, or the game

"I’m going on a picnic and I’m bringing....".

You can pick a category

(example: category is school)

Player says: "I'm going on a picinic

and I'm bringing a pencil. Can I come?"

Player then says: Yes! Another player says,

"Bringing a dog"

Player then responds,

"no you can’t come to the picnic"

(because "Dog" is not

in the catergory of school) 

See who guesses category first! It's FUN!


Get the book Highly Hysterical Trivia

AVAILABLE on Amazon- $12.99

It’s Fun, engaging, and educational. 

Think/reminisce about and discuss

some of the over 100 categories.

You will Laugh!


Get Ten stackable solo cups and set up like a triangle.

(4, then 3 on top, then 2, then 1)

Take a pair of socks, roll in a ball,

and throw to see

how many you can knock down.

Try stack-it too.  Set a timer to see

how fast you can stack,

then unstack. You can do flip cup,

and yes pong with

or without alcohol for big kids over 21.


Bubble Gum

2-3 pieces each and teach

younger ones how to blow a bubble. 

Then see who can blow the biggest

bubble and see who it pops all over their face



Fun for the whole family.  Get a pair of your shoes

and use duck tape to tape about 8 coins on the

bottom of tops of shoes for each player. 

Watch Riverdance,

then tap dance away. 

Have solos. Group performances,

Just have FUN!


Project Funny Bones

Use craft paper, leaf bag, tape paper together

to create the length and width of each members

of your family. Cut it out and color it.

Someone names a body part and then draw it.

Teachers can use to test knowledge

for science lessons, families,

couples can all enjoy. 

Write something nice about each

member of your family

on each members body cut out.

Self- Improvement write what you

freaking rock at and what you could

improve at.  It’s You and your awesome!


Drive-in movie night

 Everyone is inside, how about go outside? 

You can do in your car, or do on lawn,

use lawn chairs. Need a projector, speaker

& popcorn!

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