Partyologist FUN @ home Prescriptions- Week 2


Prescriptions of FUN From Your Partyologist - Week 2

Fun @ Home!

How is everyone feeling? Hope everyone is hanging in there and making the best of it! Keep using this time to build memories with loved ones because before you know it we will be back to the "old swing" of things and we will miss these precious moments with the ones we were stuck at home with during these crazy times!  Always no matter what #makeitfun @ home!!!

Here are Prescriptions of FUN @ Home:

Game: Spoons

You need: playing cards and use sets for the amount of players. 

(Example: 4 players four kings, four queens, 3 spoons)

  • Shuffle cards then give everyone four.  Someone says pass and everyone at the same time passes the one card to the right. Keep going and when someone gets 4 of a kind, they pick up a spoon and so does everyone else and someone won’t get one- That person is out!Keep Playing
Game: Sychronized Something

Pick a partner and be creative and do something like dance, do a funny walk, and switch partners!

Game: Clean Your Room!

You need: A bunch of t-shirts & masking tape.

  • Separate the room in half and tape the boundary line.  Lay the t shirts all over the floor. Keep tossing them back and forth and when time goes off, whomever has the most clothes on their side loses.  Set a timer and keep changing time so it’s never the same. Keep playing its FUN just tossing clothes.
Game: Clothes Line

You need: A basket, about 10’ rope of some kinD, shirts.


  • Put all the shirts in a pile then one at a time put a shirt through the line slide it down the line into the basket. Should have at least two players.  See who is the fastest!
Game: "Man, I Feel like a Woman"

Kids can have FUN with this. Dad goes first,


  • Play the song "Man I Feel Like a Woman" and the rest of you go around the house and find as many things to make Dad look like a woman, lipstick and ALL. Please send us your pics to
Game: "Sharp, Dress Man"



  • Dress up mom and do the same!  Give her a mustache? NOT with permanent marker ;)


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