Summer Outdoor Party- Quick Tips!!!

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When planning an outdoor summer party, here are things to consider:


1-Weather-back up plan if weather is bad, pop up tents if needed, tent rental and prior to party see where the sun is during the time you plan to have your party so you can plan accordingly. You may need umbrellas, stretch banners, for DJ or bartender or move to a more conducive area.


2. Something people don’t address, BUGS.  Spray yard several hours prior to party or have a bug service come and do a treatment.  FYI this is actually a benefit, we did for client and they discovered several bee’s nest prior which would have been an issue day of party.


3.  Accommodations -Make sure bathrooms are clean, have girly products, extra toilet paper, and maybe put a basket out with mints, sunscreen, combs, hair ties, or something creative theme related. Make sure cabinets are neat, people are noisy and do check those things.


4. Food-What works best? If  catered, what is their set up? If you plan on grilling or smoker, you need someone to do and do away from guests.  


5. Décor-Don’t, Don’t , Don’t do helium balloons outside!  There are so many great air-filled balloon options that are so much better for the environment, hold up well, and cost wise the best option.

Go to and find a pro in your area who is certified and is knowledgeable about environmental standards


6. Desserts/Candy/Cake- Put out later and tables with soda/candy/sweets attract bees. Put out shortly before serving. Butter Cream vs whipped cream works better to be outside longer.


7. Get a server.  Make your party so much easier and have them come 1 hour prior to acclimate them where things are.


8.  Cloth or plastic? Cloth looks so much better on tables than plastic.  Especially rented wood ones.  Use plastic if needed for bar areas, desserts where spills and messes are frequent.


9. Entertainment- it’s not always needed, however do simply things like game table, crayons, coloring books, , bubbles, hula hoops, you must get the book ‘Highly Hysterical Trivia -it's a great icebreaker for any party, easy fun, lots of laughs,  and a great way to  get people engaged and mingling.  Corn hole, Mini trampoline, volleyball, baton, yes a baton are also entertaining, engaging and FUN to do.


10. Lastly, have cash on hand and tip servers, entertainers, and those that worked your party.


We can help with all of these things!


Contact us today to book your next event with us!
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