Thanksgiving Celebrations? Here are safe ideas this year...

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The holiday season is approaching and here at The Partyology Firm, Showstoppers Plus we have some FUN ideas to help you celebrate safely this year!

This year some families are choosing not to celebrate together, but that doesn’t mean you can’t celebrate at all. We recommend doing a Thanksgiving Zoom Call with the entire family for the thanksgiving meal and dessert. After the meal, you can play FUN games like our Trivia games from our book Highly Hysterical Trivia. The whole family will have a blast playing this trivia game and it will be good quality time, but also safe time spent together.

Another FUN safe way to celebrate would be to do a pot-luck Thanksgiving dinner. Gather the family outside and social distance while having your Thanksgiving meal. If it is cold outside, just have a tent, fire pit, or heater to stay warm while still being outside.

Our last FUN idea is to get craft supplies and do a family Zoom call and have all the kids have a craft making competition. The kids can finally have fun with their cousins and then the parents can vote on whose is the best. The one who is the best gets extra dessert!

These are some FUN easy ways to have a safe thanksgiving while still spending quality time with the family. This year will look different but here at Showstoppers Plus we are still making it FUN!

At the Partyology Firm, Showstoppers Plus, we are offering great services this holiday season including: table decorating, outdoor decorating, virtual holiday parties, balloon walls /garlands for photo sessions with the family or for zoom calls, catering, entertainment, games, & so much more!!


Remember to vote on November 3rd!

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