The Party Industry- Supply & Demand in 2022


So the pandemic maybe behind us, however problems from it are still arising.  The biggest one is supply and demand.

 The law of supply and demand is the economic relationship between the sellers and the buyers of various commodities. The supply and demand theory states that the price of a product depends on its availability and buyers' demand. If the product has a high price, the sellers will supply more of it to the market.

HELP!!! SOS!!!!

I’m sure we all feel the effects and we can all agree that the quality of products have gone down, the prices have gone up, and clients expect it all.  As a business owner in the party industry, I've seen the prices of party supplies go up, added surcharges, and everything just costing way more than usual.  I hope everyone accepts these things as prices are going up and allow for some imperfection. Hopefully things will go back to normal soon. That’s all. Allow for imperfections at this current time & lets be optimistic about things for now.  Companies have been short staffed, restaurants have dealt with that too, and items we order aren't the quality they once were. As a result it costs us more for things and yes items aren’t always available which can be very frustrating!!!!  Again, Allow for imperfection! Many small businesses could use your support and understanding. Let’s do less complaining and more making a difference.


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