Tips on how to have a party while still staying safe!

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With some states opening up that means parties are back on! But how do we follow the rules and still have fun? Well here are some tips so you can have fun and still stay safe.

Tip 1: Have an outside party and enforce social distancing. You can still have fun six feet apart. how you ask? Play corn hole, can jam, bad mitten, or other outside games that have limited contact. 
Tip 2: Provide hand sanitizer stations for guests to use. You can even decorate them and make them festive for the party.
Tip 3: Provide individually wrapped snacks and meals: no buffets.
Tip 4: Disinfect during the party. Disinfect any surfaces that people are touching often to help minimize spreading sickness.
Tip 5: Video call any family or friends who are high risk so they can participate too.
Tip 6: Cut the guest list to close family and friends only. Many venues are not going to do big events
Tip 7: Be prepared to sign waivers and other documents from the companies you are working with.


By doing these few things you can have fun and stay safe. But if you are still uncertain you can always postpone the party and have it at a later date. A friend of mine is postponing her wedding until next summer. She is upset because she was so excited to get married, and now she has to wait even longer. But she is looking on the bright side and said that when it finally happens it’ll be worth the wait.
If you are still unsure about having a party a virtual party is the way to go. Here at showstoppers plus we throw virtual parties all the time and let me tell you they are FUN! If you want a virtual party contact us today!
Parties will look different but they will still be fun..probably more fun now than ever before!
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