Try these April fools jokes šŸ˜‚


What a great way to start of the month of April and try to see how many people you can make laugh.  It’s April Fools day so have some FUN, but DON”T BE MEAN!  We are after the laughter,  so here are 10 ideas to try out. April fools!! šŸ˜‚ 

1. Stop a stranger, and say just wanted to let you know your shoe lace is untied.

2. Tell your kids that due to the economy we have to let one of you go, who should we get rid of?

3. Call kids or spouse and say why did they trade their favorite player?

4. Didn’t want to tell you but the dog chewed  your wallet, shoe or something they love.

5. Ask a realtor if you can borrow a for sale sign and put it on your front lawn or a neighbor, friend, etc.

6  Hide the remote on your husband right before March Madness final four game begins.

7.  I just want to let you know that bird just crapped on your jacket.

8. At the supermarket go to someone’s cart and pull an item out and say did you know these increase your sex drive? Causes Acne? Whatever line works.(like Impractical Jokers)

9. Say to someone, excuse me but your fly is open.

10. Point at someone and say did you know that she or he did was in the movie with .... He went out with,   she kissed… carries a…..what in her pocketbook, 

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