Ways to celebrate this HOLIDAY season!

This year we all have a lot more time on our hands, some are using it to find new hobbies, others to teach their kids, me I’m using this time to make homemade presents. I’ve made a list- you can check it twice- and find out what’s exciting to make. 
  1. Make a video of 10 things you like/ miss about someone and send it to them. This would be FUN to do for the grandparents and other relatives that haven’t seen the kids in a while.

  2. Make 10 phone calls to ten different people who have touched you.

  3. Make/ decorate a jar and fill it with grateful memories of COVID. Why are you grateful for COVID? Did you get to spend more time with your family? Maybe you learned a new skill? Whatever it may be write it down and think of the good that came from all of this.

  4. Make and perform your very own Broadway show. You can even record it and send it to relatives.

  5. Have a dance off/ Christmas carol off. You can do this between neighbors or on zoom with the whole family!

  6. Bring the party to people and order Highly Hysterical Trivia! This trivia game is great for the whole family.  Everyone will be laughing like crazy and you can even do it on zoom to include more people!

  7. If you know someone feeling down, order them our FUN box called “Just What The Partyologist Ordered”, it’s a great way to lift people’s spirits!

  8. Make a grateful plate. Buy a cheap plate and write on it in permanent marker, bake it at 350 degrees for 30 minutes and it’ll stay forever! You can drop this plate off at family, friends or neighbors houses with chocolates, I would say Christmas cookies but for sanitary reasons it’ll have to be chocolates this year. Leave a note attached with instructions on how to write on it and make it permanent and tell them to pass it on to a family that needs uplifting this season. Next year you can do the same thing but with homemade cookies!

  9. Join Showstoppers for a FUN night on zoom for a holiday party! We will do all the work you just join in for the FUN! We can host the event for families or company holiday parties and anything in between.

We are based in New Jersey, but we can do events nationwide! But  if you’re in the Ocean City  area come by the store at 411 East 8th Street Ocean City NJ. If you’re not in New Jersey check out our website and contact us if you need any help having FUN this holiday season!

Our book for great Holiday FUN: Highly Hysterical Trivia-

“Just What The Partyologist ordered”- a box of FUN 

Contact us at 


or visit us at 411 E 8th street Ocean City NJ

Check out our website at 


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