What are your Super Bowl plans?


What are your Super Bowl plans?

What is next?  Who is hosting? What are you bringing? 

has some FUN ideas that would just make it special.


This year we have the Philadelphia Eagles vs the Kansas City Chiefs.  They are calling Reed Bowl, since Andy Reed coached both teams or the Kelsey Bowl with two brothers are playing against each other.  Who is their mom rooting for? We will see who is the favorite. LOL

Whether you like football or not, everyone enjoys the gathering; the food especially and the 1st get together since the holidays.  It is always enjoyable to watch the commercials, see the halftime show, and hopefully see a great game.  What was your favorite commercial?  My favorites were the Darth Vader with the remote starter and the Eli Manning and Odell dancing to “I had the time of my life”, and the Doritos sling shot commercial. Who will be remembered this year? 

With that being said, if you’re attending or hosting this year's game….. 

Here are our some tips/must do’s.....

We recommend the following:

If you are hosting, paper plates, chicken wings are a must, easy foods like a subs, something healthy like hummus & a veggie tray and some activities for younger ones like crayons/coloring books, Legos, magnets, Play Doh, to keep them busy or hire a sitter if you have a lot of kids coming.  A server too is recommended  if there are over 15 guests attending your party.  No one wants to clean up! 

Also, make sure bathrooms are cleaned and air fresheners are available!

Please call us for recommended caterers/servers/bartenders. 


Don’t know what to bring ?

This is great to bring for pre-game activity.  Order this book, “Highly Hysterical Trivia” on Amazon and bring it. It has some great football info & trivia to get the party started!  Such a great ice breaker.

Click here to check out our video clip to show how it works and Buy on Amazon!

Balloon Football Guys- perfect if you want to impress, they will represent the teams playing.  

The football cake is so easy to make and is really good!!! 

All you need is. 

Cake mix, cool whip and heath pieces.



Lastly, our favorites are to watch the commercials.  Companies spend a fortune to advertise, and we will be posting 10 commercial questions on our FB and Instagram Monday morning to see how well you remember the product!  Would you pay that kind of money? Love to see and hear your comments on how many actually remember the products being sold. LOL.   1st person to respond with the most correct answers and likes us on Instagram and FB wins a celebration balloon bouquet.

We can provide the book, balloon people, and cake and Heath pieces for pick up only in Ocean City 10am-1pm  and North Brunswick  3-5pm! Contact us!

 Click here to order!

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