What is a Partyologist?


We are your partyologists!

Meet Laura Gibbons, founder of Showstoppers Plus, a business built around creating fun events at the convenience of our partygoers. Laura is an author, DJ, photographer, balloon connoisseur, promoter, and expert in her field of work. So, what makes Showstoppers Plus different from the rest of the event planners out there? It's because we are partyologists, not just event planners!

What is a partyologist?

A partyologist is an innovative term used to describe any person who has an abundance of experience within the industry of parties and events. The partyologist idea and term was created to define and explain the many years of experience that Showstoppers Plus and Laura Gibbons have to share. A partyologist is more than an event planner; it's one who has actually worked all aspects of a party/event.

As an example, it means you’ve been a DJ and know what's involved in that. A DJ can make or break a party. There are lots of DJs out there who think they are it, the bomb, the star. With that attitude, it becomes a problem with the venue and gives a poor representation to the true professional Disc Jockeys.

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