What is the Best Gift Ever????

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As we get ready for the holidays (the season of giving), we all know that it is always "better to give than to receive”. We have all heard these sayings before. But some people really do struggle when it comes to giving the perfect gift for the people they care about. We have the common thoughts in our mind like … will he/she like this?  Every gift I buy she hates? What do I get him/her that they will appreciate? Kids want to do something but don’t have money, but what can they give of value? Sometimes It comes to the point where we just say.. “here is my card buy what you want”.

Ouch ….and the magic has gone out the window! You can always ask what do you want and please be specific so I don’t mess up……let’s STOP STRUGGLING with gift giving!!!!!!


Give the “Best Gift Ever” and be done. No matter if your a billionaire or kid with an allowance, or that guy who wants to show you how much you mean, or that girl that wants to let him know he’s so awesome…The Partyology Firm has your back.

Here are some examples of people we’ve helped….

A gift for Jesse Itzler- A guy who has probably everything, but this gift.. was personalized for him and his story…it’s about what matters to him! šŸŽ


Ivone’s 60th šŸŽ‚ - A story about her friendship with her best friend. She received a box with a bakers hat and donut-as one night out ended up in a bakery making donuts! …How special ! šŸ©


A couple named Arron and Christina

 We asked what Cristina admired most about Arron and she said his “values” and we gifted the couple a “True Value Gift Card” so that they can purchase something of “true value” for their new home as they embark on a new life together.


A gift from a child to his mother-

The child states that his mother brings him pure “joy”.

We suggest to buy her and enjoy a Almond Joy Bar… šŸ« 

He says, ”here is a rock mom because you ROCK my world” šŸŖØ 

“Here's  a bandaid šŸ©¹  to help you when you feel bad” …

Wouldn’t moms just love this as a gift?

Loved ones enjoy gifts with thought and a story… it’s what matters!

The Partyology Firm can help you find those answers.

Just as you share your life stories on FB, Instagram, and other social media networks, We do that with “The Best Gift Ever!”

Let us help you this holiday season and give the “Best Gift Ever”.

Click here to ORDER on ETSY!

Packages for all budgets!

$9.99 DYI PDF to help brainstorm gift ideas!

$99.99-Consultation and gift story prescription of what what to do

Unlimted- We do it all custom (consultation, brainstorming, purchasing, & gift wrapping in pretty packaging)!


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