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Seasonal Parties

Happy Spring!! We can still celebrate with our VIRTUAL Parties!

As our country and the rest of the world are dealing with this global pandemic, we are changing the way we do parties to accomodate our new way of life for now!  Our clients are IMPORTANT to us and we should ALL still have the opportunity to celebrate seasonal celebrations, family, & life's precious moments! If you still want a party but want to be safe & healthy at the same time, we'll help set you up with our Virtual Online Parties with great games & decor dropped off to your door!

We are also making the best out of this situation, by posting regularly on our social media accounts with ideas of FUN things to do with your family while your stuck at home. It's our way of helping you out by bringing FUN & LAUGHTER to your home! 

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Our Virtual Parties

  • Our partyology team will set up a
    virtual party for you & your guests
    (will send online invite with
    party instructions, date/time)

  •  A partyologist will be assigned to 
    host your party to
    keep your party running smoothly

  • Any Balloon art/drop/decor
    sent to your door (no contact delivery!)

  • Our partyology team will set you up
    withgames that fit your party's theme
    or audience!

At home activities/games that
are fun for the family!

  • Blanket monster

  • Word Association 

  • Old School Games

  • Trivia Nights with our book
    "Highly Hysterical Trivia"
    by Laura Gibbons.
    Available on Amazon.

  • Solo cup games

  • Riverdance

  • Bubble gum game

  • Funny Bones

  • Drive In movie night at home

(More details & how to play these
games/activities are available on our
FB, IG, & Twitter- Follow us!
Information is also available on
our latest blog
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Trivia Parties

Fan of trivia? Enjoy a competitive night of games with friends or family or both.

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